Objective: A better experience at refueling stops:
Better = Fewer, shorter, cheaper.

Fewer: Four hundred miles between stops.
Shorter: Five minutes per stop.
Cheaper: Twenty dollars per stop.

Oliver P. Fritchle (1874-1951) was an early developer of significant automotive technologies, such as regenerative braking and hybrid powertrains, that did not reemerge on production vehicles of major car companies until late in the twentieth century.  –Wikipedia

Shown: Fritchle Electric 4-Passenger Coupe, c. 1910.

In the coming weeks this page will describe ongoing progress in converting a 1981 Delorean, VIN the first prime after 6666, to a fully renewable hybrid powertrain with regenerative braking, with the objective of exploring suitable renewable propulsion technologies.

Current status: the body, gas tank, engine, transaxle, rear suspension and hub carriers are all off the frame, the 96 battery cells are balanced to within 0.05% and half-charged, namely to 346.5 volts,  and the in-wheel motors, inverters, and other parts arrived on November 1.  Photos to come.

The mission statement “fewer, shorter, cheaper” is a long-term goal that will require much experimentation with batteries, fuel cells, and fuels.  The specific goal of 400 miles, 5 minutes, and $20, which refers to long road trips rather than the short commutes and errands that are easy for today’s BEVs, will not be achieved before 2021 and likely much later.